Lemmy: 2 Things That Gave Him A Unique Playing Style


Putting The Microscope Over One Of Metal Music’s Biggest Names

Sadly, on December 28th 2015, the world lost one of the greatest names in metal and in bass playing. Lemmy Kilmister died but  tragically passed away from terminal cancer at the end of last year but he has left behind an enormous amount of inspiring music for many younger generations to get their teeth into.

One thing a lot of musicians from all genre’s have agreed upon is that Lemmy had a very unique style of playing the bass. At the time the band first achieved success in 1975, there were few other bass players who had a sound comparable to his. The question I want to ask is, what made him unique? This article is by no means a complete list or study of the man but I do feel it’s possible to pin down a few things that helped. Take a look…

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How To Play Bass With A Pick

How To Play Bass With A Pick

Two Simple Things You Can Use To Improve

Playing bass with a pick is something that causes a lot of problems for many bass players. Everyone you speak to seems to have a different opinion on how to hold the pick and how to use it. Having so much conflicting advice often leaves us a little confused when we’re trying to develop our technique. We’ve all been there and it’s a really difficult position to be in. With that in mind let’s start at the very beginning with how to hold the pick.

Hand Position

I personally do sit on the “there’s a correct way to how a pick” side of this particular fence because a good hand position provides the foundation of a technique which aids accuracy, enables quick and efficient movement and also one that minimises the risk of playing injuries. Here’s how I hold the pick broken down step by step.

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Slap Bass Triplets! Learn This Marcus Miller Style Lick in Three Minutes

Slap bass

Marcus Miller Style Slap Bass Triplets

Our latest slap bass tutorial is now live on YouTube. This time we’re breaking apart a short slap triplets lick that is used by all the greats like Marcus, Victor, Mark King and many more. I’ve used this lick a load of times on gigs and it always turns a few heads when it’s used tastefully!

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Constructing A Practice Routine

Practice Routine

Practice Routine

Constructing A Practice Routine: How Hard Can It Be?

Something that many bass players (myself included) have struggled with over the years is creating and maintaining a constructive and effective practice routine. Many of my students have asked me questions that I have also asked myself a number of times over the years like “how long should I practice”, “when do I know If I’m done with a certain exercise” or simply “what should I be practicing”. Continue reading “Constructing A Practice Routine” »

Modes – Music Theory Explained!


Explaining The Modes Of The Major Scale

Modes are something that cause a lot of confusion for many bass players. Many players, myself included at one point, have trouble understanding what they are and where they come from. We’ll get to that in just a second but before we start I want to make sure your theory knowledge is up to speed. I’m already going to assume you are familiar with how to build a major scale.  Continue reading “Modes – Music Theory Explained!” »

5 Gig Bag Essentials

Gig Bag

Gig Bag Essentials – You Really Don’t Want To Be Caught Without These Five Things


Any gigging bass player will know that there’s nothing worse than getting to a gig only to realise that they’ve left something at home or that they’ve been caught out by not having  backup item when they needed it most. Many years ago I began to make a mental checklist of things that I ALWAYS needed to have in my gig bag before heading out to any show.

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